Project Nicaragua is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that cultivates and advocates for sustainable projects in the fields of nutrition, socioeconomic development, water quality, and education through partnering with organizations, communities, and individuals in both Nicaragua and the United States. We are committed to using an evidence based approach to develop our projects and measure our progress to best serve the needs of Nicaragua’s underserved communities. Through dialogue and collaboration, the organization works to understand local challenges and create realistic solutions, challenging both undergraduate and graduate students to emerge as empowered, passionate leaders who can make meaningful differences.

The Ohio State University chapter of Project Nicaragua has worked with the rural community of Rancho Grande since 2009. Through a missionary named Noemi Caiazzo, we partnered with a nonprofit organization, Amor en Acción, to begin alleviating the extreme poverty and malnutrition affecting the area. Over the years, the chapter has developed a strong relationship with Escuela Tierra Prometida (ETP), an agricultural and technical school we helped establish. Since opening the doors to Tierra Prometida, we have helped provide meals, supplemental education, and sustainable job opportunities to the children in our program. We continue to work in Rancho Grande because of the relationships we have formed with the community and our shared goal to implement long-term solutions to help break the cycle of poverty.

Project Nicaragua Video (2020)