Current Initiatives

Research & Development

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on Nicaragua, we have begun to shift our focus from water filtration to health literacy. This semester we will be working on creating comprehensive public health infographics. We are interested in focusing on topics like COVID-19, hygiene, and sexual education.


The business development committee is dedicated to upgrading the Project Nicaragua OSU website, making it more informative for prospective members and other organizations and providing online resources for students in Nicaragua to access, since we cannot travel. We will also be focusing on properly structuring current business initiatives, such as the sewing center and bakery.

Student Relations

As a result of halted travel, student relations has shifted its focus and begun coordinating online supplemental educational resources for the children of Rancho Grande, Nicaragua. This semester we will be running a Pen Pal and after-school tutoring program. Focus will be placed on teaching English and Mathematics in order to prepare the kids for the Nicaraguan college entrance examination.