The Ohio State University’s chapter of Project Nicaragua is focused on improving the educational opportunities for Rancho Grande’s school-aged children. Members of our organization partner with educators in Rancho Grande to prepare lessons for students related to subjects that need reinforcement. Subjects that we commonly focus on include math, reading, and English. Science experiments are also completed to provide students with more exciting, hands-on learning opportunities. Our overall goal is to prepare students for higher levels of education, and equip them with skills to enter the workforce.

In recent years, the Nicaraguan Civil Crisis and the spread of the Coronavirus have posed new challenges for our organization. In order to address these challenges, we have made changes in how our organization delivers educational materials to the students. This past year, we began to deliver online presentations to students in order to provide them with information about common professions in Nicaragua. In doing so, we hope to encourage students to explore various professions that they might be interested in pursuing after they complete their education. Additionally, we are working on introducing a pen pal program by connecting members of the general body of Project Nicaragua with the students that we serve in Rancho Grande. We hope that this program will begin to foster connections between our general body members and the students, and help the students to improve the English language skills. As we patiently await the next opportunity in which we can safely visit our friends in Rancho Grande, we are excited to see where these new methods of education take us!